Acrylic on bored @ Bus Projects
30 September - 17th October 2015

welcome!!!! please web wipe your feet view from outside the gallery!!! view if you're standing in the middle of the gallery and can see really wide with your eyes paintings more paintings and gallery catalogue thing and also paint and paintbrush to update room sheet painting for when you make those sweet @rt $ales!!!! more paintings more paintings again dog school bus!! painting and also the roomsheet!!! basketball, please don't try to bounce basketball frame detailz in 2015, i don't think it says this anymore my last tour!! i'm also a succesful musician sometimes clouds get sad too painting of a nude sculpture i found in the bin converted to painting of me in the shower lost in the maze dog chess!! me playing chess with friends with batman (very conceptual painting) magnifying an ant with a magnifying glass at the cinema someone's head blocking the screen

PDF Gallery catalogue thing I wrote last minute before the show please don't read!!