Fart or Flight at TCB Art Inc.
Feb 15 - March 4, 2017

♫waterfall miracle♫, the painting mind your home at home the ferals the rock years fart or fly away tennis, love the pool sports courts lost in the maze, ocean edition leaky wave the spa fly on the wall the secret life of plants, 2 fart or flight happy 30th birthday annabelle! fart of flight the book, me, bug vase which i managed to make waterproof and everything but then forgot to put water in the vase me, close up ceramics cup that holds 2 sips card holder that doesn't hold cards, tissue box volcano world popcorn in the pool later noobs my magic keyboard another install view, it's like i'm really there! more views my magic keyboard and the magic rock ( stay tuned for my next hit song "i once was lost, but now i've found... the magic rock") pool, 2 week old popcorn still edible egg plate for eggs tissue holder for half used tissues, snack bowl, pizza plate, volcano world fart or... fly the official "room sheet", my official buisiness card the guest artists section in the "dudspace" of the gallery, their ~interpretation~ of a ~fart~ by kbbq by pool spy by mind your home aka my mum easter egg painting